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Shambhala, in Sanskrit, means “a place of peace, tranquility and happiness”.


In Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Shambhala is a mystical realm, hidden somewhere beyond the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. It is described as a wonderful place, built in the shape of a lotus flower. Only individuals with appropriate karma can attain it and experience it as such. 


It is believed that Shambhala is a society in which all inhabitants have achieved enlightenment, a Buddhist “Pure Land”, whose capital is a city called Kalapa, and that people of all faiths have the chance to seek and reach this special place .

Shambhala Spa Paraty

Shambhala in Paraty


Since 2008

Shambhala Spa opened its doors in 2008, as the first spa in Paraty, located on the hill close to the fortress. In 2023 Shambhala Spa became part of the Magical Square in the historical center of Paraty.


Wall of Fame


Shambhala Spa is one of the few to receive this honor, having received the Certificate of Excellence for 10 consecutive years. Only 0.004% of all registered companies worldwide achieved this recognition.


iSPA Founders

iSPA is an application providing easy access to professionals in the area of Wellbeing offering on-demand services, aimed at pain relief, physical and emotional recovery and maintaining quality of life.

SPA rituals at Shambhala SPA
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